A Guide for Prospective Graduate Students

A Guide for Prospective Graduate Students

Sabancı University Industrial Engineering Graduate Program has been offering both M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees for almost two decades. As the members of this program, we welcome all prospective students who would like to be a part of a reputable graduate program in industrial engineering and operations research. Our program is fully committed to support and supervise all enthusiastic graduate students. We especially encourage the individuals who like to take initiative and come up with new ideas.

In this page, you can find information about various aspects of being a student in our program. If you have any further questions, please contact our graduate student adviser İlker Birbil.

1. Financial Aid

Currently, all graduate students in our program receive a financial aid. Some of these students are supported by the university as research assistants. The others are supported through research projects. The scholarships include monthly stipend and tuition waiver. All our students are also eligible for the graduate student housing in the campus. Most students share a room with another graduate student. There are also a few single-occupancy rooms.

2. Research

The members of our program conduct cutting edge research in algorithm development, stochastic programming, decision analysis, large-scale optimization, production planning, simulation, supply chain management, high performance machining and manufacturing design.

Our faculty members collaborate with many researchers around the world. This gives us a chance to expose our graduate students to other research institutions and help them build their own networks. We also have weekly seminars, where we invite scientists to present their research. During these seminars, the students find a chance to get acquainted with the speakers.

Here is a list of faculty members and their research areas

3. Teaching Load

Every student in our program is expected to assist undergraduate courses. Although it very much depends on the course, in general, a graduate student spends, on average, 10 to 15 hours a week for teaching. This includes problem solving sessions (2 hours), preparation for the recitation (3-4 hours), office hours (2-3 hours), grading (2-3 hours), responding to messages (1-3 hours).

4. Conference Participation

We encourage our students to attend national and international conferences. The students are usually supported by the university. In addition, the faculty members have their own research budgets to support their students. There are also other funding opportunities through The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey and European Research Council.

5. Research Visits (Pre-Doctoral Study)

While pursuing their Ph.D. degree, our doctoral students have a chance to visit another institution for one semester. They work with other scientists and extend their research network. These visits are also supported partly by the university and partly by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey and European Research Council. There could also be funding opportunities through the hosting institution.

In the past, our students visited the these institutions for their pre-doctoral study.

  • Bologna University, Italy
  • Cornell University, USA
  • Northwestern University, USA
  • Southampton University, UK
  • Wayne State University, USA
  • Ohio State University, USA

6. Alumni

All our past graduate students are holding positions in various places around the world. Some of our graduates are professors or Ph.D. students at national and international universities. The others are working for the industry around the world.

Here is our alumni list along with their current employment.

Graduate Alumni

  • Danial Esmaeili Aliabadi, PhD
    Analysis of Collusion and Competition in Electricity Markets Using an Agent-Based Approach
    Thesis Advisor: Güvenç Şahin

  • Seyed Ahmad Hosseini, PhD
    Multi-Period Multi-Product Distribution Planning Problems: Model Based and Network Based Approaches
    Thesis Advisor: Tonguç Ünlüyurt, Güvenç Şahin
    Current Position: Post-doctoral researcher at Umea University, Sweden
  • Halil Şen, PhD
    Cut Generation Based Algorithms for Unrelated Parallel Machine Scheduling Problems
    Thesis Advisor: Kerem Bülbül
    Current position: Postdoctoral researcher in the ReAlOpt team of INRIA Bordeaux – Sud-Ouest in France.
  • Ümmühan Akbay, PhD
    Behavioral Expariments on Supply Chain Contracting
    Thesis Advisor: Murat Kaya

  • Nurşen Aydin, PhD
    New Capacity allocation problems in revenue management
    Thesis Advisor: İlker Birbil
    Current Position: Assistant Prof. at Warwick Business School in Management Science & Operations Research Group
  • Belma Yelbay, PhD
    Minimum Hub Cover Problem: Solution Methods & Applications
    Thesis Advisor: Kerem Bülbül, İlker Birbil
    Current position: Solutions Architect for Hitit Computer Services in Istanbul, and part-time instructor at Bilgi University
  • Umman Mahir Yıldırım, PhD
    New Approaches for Determining Greenest Paths and Efficient Vehicle Routes on Transportation Networks
    Thesis Advisor: Bülent Çatay
    Current Position: Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering at Bilgi University

  • İbrahim Muter, PhD
    Simultaneous column-and-row generation for solving large-scale linear programs with column-dependent-rows
    Thesis Advisor: İlker Birbil
    Current position: Senior lecturer in operational research at School of Management, University of Bath, UK.
  • Figen Öztoprak
    Parallel Algorithms for Nonlinear Optimization
    Thesis advisor: İlker Birbil
    Current position: Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering at Bilgi University

  • Erdem Öztürk, PhD, 2010
    Modeling Dynamics of Multi Axis Machining Processes
    Thesis Advisor: Erhan Budak
    Current position: Technology Fellow- Machining Group, Advanced Manufacturing Research Center, University of Sheffield, UK

  • Emre Özlü, PhD, 2008
    Analytical Modeling of Cutting Process Mechanics and Dynamics for Simulation of Industrial Machining Operations
    Thesis Advisor: Erhan Budak
    Current position: General Manager, Maxima Manufacturing R&D, GOSB Teknopark, Gebze, Kocaeli, Turkey
  • Taner Tunc, PhD, 2008
    Development of Analytical Methods for Strategy Selection and Process Optimization in Multi-Axis Machining Applications
    Thesis Advisor: Erhan Budak
    Current position: Nuclear Advanced Manufactruing Research Center, University of Sheffield, UK

  • Batuhan Yastıkçı, MSc
    Investigation of Tool Wear in Grinding Processes
    Thesis Advisor: Erhan Budak
  • Dicle Yağmur Özdemir
    How Does Diversity Seeking Attitude of Individuals Affect Trustworthiness of a Society
    Thesis Advisor: Ali Rana Atılgan
  • Mert Kocaefe
    Temperature and Force Modeling on Grinding
    Thesis Advisor: Erhan Budak
  • Cihan Özener
    Thermal Modelling and Experimental Verification of Actively Driven Rotary Turning Process
    Thesis Advisor: Erhan Budak
  • Cem Balda Dayan
    Modelling 3 D Melt Electrospinning Direct Write Using Response Surface Methodology
    Thesis Advisor: Bahattin Koç

  • Rebi Daldal
    Sequential Testing of a Series System in Batches
    Thesis Advisor: Özgür Erçetin
  • Zahed Shahmoradi
    Fault Localization for a Series System When Tests Are Unreliable
    Thesis Advisor: Serhat Yeşilyurt
  • Burcu Güneş
    Effect of Individual Desires on the Segregation of Network Society
    Thesis Advisor: Özgür Gürbüz
  • Turgut Köksal Yalçın
    Thermal Modelling of High Speed Spindles
    Thesis Advisor: Yücel Saygın
  • Samet Bilgen
    Modelling and Optimization of Multi-Axis Machining Process Considering CNC Motion Limitations
    Thesis Advisor: Erhan Budak
  • Amir Emami Gohari
    Parallel Implementations for Solving Matrix Factorization Problems with Optimization
    Thesis Advisor: Ş.İlker Birbil
  • Mehmet Albayrak
    Investigation of Machine Tool Rigdity Through Measurements and FEA
    Thesis Advisor: Erhan Budak
  • Milad Hassani
    Predicting Drug Synergy Using Datamining
    Thesis Advisor: Kemal Kılıç
  • Özgün Elçi
    Chance-Constrained Stochastic Programming Models for Humanitarian Relief Network Design
    Thesis Advisor: Nilay Noyan
  • Bahar Imanlou
    A Topology Optimized Model based on the Level_Set Method for Porous Bone Scaffolds
    Thesis Advisor: Güllü Kızıltaş Şendur

  • Deniz Aslan, MSc
    Modeling of grinding process mechanics
    Thesis Advisor: Erhan Budak
  • Burcu Atay, MSc
    An MDO exercise using response surface methodology: optimal shape and composite structure of a wing for optimal range
    Thesis Advisor: Melih Papila
  • Deniz Beşik, MSc
    Solving large-scale transmission network problems
    Thesis Advisor: İlker Birbil
  • Ceren Çelebi, MSc
    Experimental investigation and force modeling of orthogonal cutting with the effect of third deformation zone
    Thesis Advisor: Erhan Budak
  • Gürkan Işık, MSc
    Sequential testing of series parallel systems
    Thesis Advisor: Tonguç Ünlüyurt
  • Merve Keskin, MSc
    An adaptive large neighborhood search approach for solving the electric vehicle routing problem with time windows
    Thesis Advisor: Bülent Çatay
  • Fikri Küçüksayacıgil, MSc
    Use of genetic algorithms in multi-objective multi-project resource constrained project scheduling
    Thesis Advisor: Gündüz Ulusoy
  • Berk Özel, MSc
    The effects of redundancy and information manipulation on traffic networks
    Thesis Advisor: Ali Rana Atılgan
  • Aybike Ulusan, MSc
    Column generation algorithms for airline network revenue management problems
    Thesis Advisor: İlker Birbil
  • Gökçe Kahvecioğlu, MSc
    Stochastic Last Mile Relief Network Design with Resource Reallocation
    Thesis Advisor: Nilay Noyan

  • Alptunç Çomak, MSc
    Dynamics and chatter stability of multi delay machining systems
    Thesis Advisor: Erhan Budak
  • Utku Olgun, MSc
    Experimental investigation of rotary turning processes for metal alloys
    Thesis Advisor: Erhan Budak
  • Selma Yılmaz, MSc
    Hydrostatic yaw bearing design for 500 kW horizontal axis wind turbine
    Thesis Advisor: Mahmut Faruk Akşit

  • Alp Muzaffer Arslan, MSc
    On the optimal control problem for single leg airline revenue management with overbooking
    Thesis Advisor: Semih Onur Sezer, Hans Frenk
  • Semih Atakan, MSc
    Minimizing value-at-risk in single machine scheduling problems
    Thesis Advisor: Nilay Noyan, Kerem Bülbül
  • Soner Beyhan, MSc
    A column generation algorithm for robust gate assignment problems
    Thesis Advisor: Dilek Tüzün Aksu, Güvenç Şahin
  • Ali Çetin Suyabatmaz, MSc
    Railway crew capacity planning problem with connectmty considerations in pairings
    Thesis Advisor: Güvenç Şahin
  • Birce Tezel, MSc
    Open loop policies for single-leg air-cargo revenue
    Thesis Advisor: Hans Frenk, Nilay Noyan

  • Volkan Aran, MSc
    Analysis on micro milling dynamics and stability
    Thesis Advisor: Erhan Budak
  • Gizem Çavuşlar, MSc
    A Tabu search approach for the nuclear magnetic resonance protein structure based assignment problem
    Thesis Advisor: Serkan Mehmet Apaydın, Bülent Çatay
  • Elif Özdemir, MSc
    Testing strategies for k-out-of-n systems precedence constraints
    Thesis Advisor: Tonguç Ünlüyurt
  • Mehmet Berke Pamay, MSc
    A linear programming based method for the resource constrained multiproject scheduling problem with weighted earliness/tardiness costs
    Thesis Advisor: Gündüz Ulusoy, Kerem Bülbül
  • Mustafa Şahin, MSc
    Multi-vehicle one-to-one pickup and delivery problem with split loads
    Thesis Advisor: Güvenç Şahin
  • Nükte Şahin, MSc
    Experiments on supply chain contracting: effects of contract type and relationship length
    Thesis Advisor: Murat Kaya
  • Arda Emre Şişbot, MSc
    Multi-project scheduling under mode duration uncertainties
    Thesis Advisor: Can Akkan, Gündüz Ulusoy
  • Ayşegül Tizer, MSc
    Decision-making experiments on dual sales channel coordination
    Thesis Advisor: Murat Kaya
  • Yasir Tunçer, MSc
    Estimating the performance of EMS location models via simulation
    Thesis Advisor: Tonguç Ünlüyurt
  • Ezgi Yıldız, MSc
    Multi-depot vehicle scheduling with disruptions
    Thesis Advisor: İlker Birbil

  • Nimet Aksoy, MSc
    Pricing by local search in column generation for the airline crew pairing problem
    Thesis Advisor: Kerem Bülbül, İlker Birbil
  • Selin Erçil, MSc
    On increasing (non) stationary levy processes: an easy approach using renewal processes
    Thesis Advisor: Hans Frenk
  • Ceyda Sol, MSc
    Identification of disease related significant SNPs
    Thesis Advisor: Uğur Sezerman, Nilay Noyan
  • Halil Şen, MSc
    A simple, fast, and effective heuristic for the single-machine total weighted tardiness problem
    Thesis Advisor: Kerem Bülbül
  • Semih Yalçındağ, MSc
    Modeling sustainable traffic assignment policies with emission functions and travel time reliability
    Thesis Advisor: Nilay Noyan
  • Belma Yelbay, MSc
    Primal-dual heuristics for solving the set covering problem
    Thesis Advisor: Kerem Bülbül, İlker Birbil

  • Gamze Belen, MSc
    Dual sales channel management with price competition
    Thesis Advisor: Murat Kaya
  • Sevilay Gökduman, MSc
    Dual sales channel management with buyback contracts
    Thesis Advisor: Murat Kaya
  • Caner Hamarat, MSc
    Feature weighting algorithm for decision support system of innovation policies
    Thesis Advisor: Kemal Kılıç
  • Nihan Özşamlı, MSc
    Feature subset selection problem on microarray data
    Thesis Advisor: Uğur Sezerman, Kemal Kılıç
  • Muhammed Furkan Uzar, MSc
    Distribution planning of bulk lubricants at an energy company
    Thesis Advisor: Bülent Çatay
  • Birol Yüceoğlu, MSc
    Tactical crew planning at Turkish state railways
    Thesis Advisor: Güvenç Şahin

  • Alp Eren Akçay, MSc
    Software frameworks for production scheduling and analytical benchmarking
    Thesis Advisor: Gürdal Ertek
  • Ayfer Başar, MSc
    Planning of emergency medical service stations and ambulances
    Thesis Advisor: Tonguç Ünlüyurt, Bülent Çatay
  • Elvin Çoban, MSc
    Column generation approaches to a robust airline crew pairing model for managing extra flights
    Thesis Advisor: Kerem Bülbül, İlker Birbil
  • Tamer Doyuran, MSc
    Enhancements of Clarke-Wright savings heuristics for the capacitated vehicle routing problem
    Thesis Advisor: Bülent Çatay
  • Umut Kirmit, MSc
    Financial correlation networks
    Thesis Advisor: Ali Rana Atılgan
  • Gizem Kömürcü, MSc
    Effects of business excellence drivers on firm performance in manufacturing industry
    Thesis Advisor: Gündüz Ulusoy
  • Sergey Drannikov, MSc
    RFID-Based manufacturing monitoring and analysis system
    Thesis Advisor: Bülent Çatay, Hüsnü Yenigün
  • Aydın Tanrıverdi, MSc
    Testing strategies for k-out-of-n systems under forest type precedence constraints
    Thesis Advisor: Tonguç Ünlüyurt

  • Ersin Demirok, MSc
    Vehicle routing problem with simultaneous delivery and pickup and intermediary delivery
    Thesis Advisor: Bülent Çatay
  • Tamer Övütmen, MSc
    The multinomial selection problem
    Thesis Advisor: Tonguç Ünlüyurt
  • İlkan Sarıgöl, MSc
    A clustering based heuristic for location routing problems
    Thesis Advisor: Bülent Çatay

  • Ayhan Aydın, MSc
    Due date quotation in make-to-order systems with lead time sensitive customers
    Thesis Advisor: Kerem Bülbül
  • Cenk Aydın, MSc
    Improved rehandling strategies for container retrieval process
    Thesis Advisor: Tonguç Ünlüyurt
  • Nursel Kavlak, MSc
    Client-contractor bargaining problem in the context of multi-mode project scheduling with limited resources
    Thesis Advisor: Gündüz Ulusoy
  • Bahar Kaynar, MSc
    Application of a general risk management model to portfolio problems with elliptical distributions
    Thesis Advisor: İlker Birbil
  • Güler Kızıleniş, MSc
    Optimal sensor locations in water distribution networks
    Thesis Advisor: Kemal Kılıç
  • Duygu Taşkıran, MSc
    A revised multiple ant colony system for vehicle routing problems with time windows
    Thesis Advisor: Bülent Çatay
  • Hatice Tekiner, MSc
    Robust crew pairing for managing extra flights
    Thesis Advisor: İlker Birbil
  • Taner Lütfi Tunç, MSc
    Geometrical Analysis and Optimization of 5-Axis Milling Processes
    Thesis Advisor: Erhan Budak

  • Özlem Bilginer, MSc
    Joint inventory and pricing decisions in retail industry
    Thesis Advisor: Kemal Kılıç, Kerem Bülbül
  • Esra Dervişoğlu Toprak, MSc
    Fuzzy linear programming: review and implementation
    Thesis Advisor: İlker Birbil, Kemal Kılıç

  • Emrah Çimren, MSc
    An Intelligent decision support system for machine tool selection
    Thesis Advisor: Bülent Çatay, Erhan Budak
  • Elif İlke Gökçe, MSc
    A Revised ant colony system approach to vehicle routing problems /
    Thesis Advisor: Bülent Çatay
  • Mehmet Kayhan, MSc
    Tool wear under dynamic cutting conditions
    Thesis Advisor: Erhan Budak
  • Utku Köktürk, MSc
    Optimization of broaching tool design
    Thesis Advisor: Erhan Budak
  • Erhun Ömer Kundakcıoğlu, MSc
    Classification via sequential testing
    Thesis Advisor: Tonguç Ünlüyurt
  • Pınar Yılmaz, MSc
    Strategic level three-stage production distribution planning with capacity expansion
    Thesis Advisor: Bülent Çatay

  • Serdar Osman Basmacı, MSc
    Supply chain collaboration: a case study in textile industry
    Thesis Advisor: Bülent Çatay, Dilek Çetindamar
  • Mehmet Nuri Gökhan, MSc
    Production and marketing decisions in a duopolistic market
    Thesis Advisor: Gündüz Ulusoy
  • Şilan Hun, MSc
    Algorithms for dynamic forward area allocation in a warehouse
    Thesis Advisor: Gürdal Ertek
  • Bilge İncel, MSc
    A model for determining the number of storage blocks and block lengths in a rectangular warehouse
    Thesis Advisor: Gürdal Ertek
  • Murat Kılıç, MSc
    Multiobjective genetic algorithm approaches to project scheduling under risk
    Thesis Advisor: Gündüz Ulusoy
  • Evren Burcu Kıvanç, MSc
    Modeling statics and dynamics of milling machine components
    Thesis Advisor: Erhan Budak
  • Ekim Özaydın, MSc
    Capacitated vehicle routing problem with time windows
    Thesis Advisor: Tonguç Ünlüyurt
  • Murat Hacı Özdemir, MSc
    Hierarchical modeling and analysis of container terminal operations
    Thesis Advisor: Tonguç Ünlüyurt
  • Özkan Öztürk, MSc
    Modeling of broaching for optimization purposes
    Thesis Advisor: Erhan Budak
  • Arif Volkan Vural, MSc
    A GA based meta-heuristic for capacitated vehicle routing problem with simultaneous pick-up and deliveries
    Thesis Advisor: Bülent Çatay

  • Sema Nur Altuğ, MSc
    Risk management and post project evaluation processes for research and development projects
    Thesis Advisor: Gündüz Ulusoy
  • Mahmut Çağdaş Arslan, MSc
    A Decision support system for machine tool selection
    Thesis Advisor: Bülent Çatay, Erhan Budak
  • İsmail Çapar, MSc
    A Supply chain performance measurement system: A Case study in automotive industry
    Thesis Advisor: Bülent Çatay
  • Öykü Oflezer, MSc
    Operations reversal: An Investigation of capacitated and uncapacitated models
    Thesis Advisor: Tonguç Ünlüyurt, Bülent Çatay
  • Mustafa Tacettin, MSc
    A Polynomial transformation from vertex cover problem to exact inference problem in bayesian belief networks
    Thesis Advisor: Tonguç Ünlüyurt
  • Demet Teker, MSc
    An Exploratory study into the manufacturing strategies in the Turkish machine manufacturing industry
    Thesis Advisor: Gündüz Ulusoy

7. Recent Work by Our Students

Writing a thesis is a partial requirement for completing our graduate program. Moreover, all graduate students are encouraged to publish in leading journals of the field.

Here are the recent publications of our graduate students.

8. Awards

Sabancı University encourages the students and the faculty members to apply for national and international awards. In our university, we have several research and teaching awards given to those graduate students. Our program regularly nominates and strongly supports graduate students for these awards.

In the past, our graduate students received these awards.

Dr Gürsel Sönmez Research Award Recipients
  • Nurşen Aydın - 2013-2014
  • İbrahim Muter - 2010-2011
  • Lütfi Taner Tunç - 2009-2010
  • Emre Özlü - 2007-2008

FENS Excellence in Teaching Award
  • Dicle Yağmur Özdemir, 2015-2016 - (IE 305)
  • Özgün Elçi, 2015-2016 - (IE 301)
  • Sonya Javadi Khatab, 2015-2016 - (IE302)
  • Murat Mustafa Tunç, 2013-2014 - (MS 407)
  • Mahir Umman Yıldırım, 2012-2013 - (ENS 208)

9. Social Life

Sabancı University campus is at the outskirts of Istanbul. The campus has several restaurants and cafes. The Performing Arts Center hosts professional shows and artists regularly. There are also many very active student clubs. In the campus there are various sports facilities that are easily accessible for the students. The students travel between the campus and the city center with shuttles or public transportation.

In our graduate program, we try to organize outings now and then. Here are a couple pictures from our social life in our program.