Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain Planning

Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain Planning

Bülent Çatay
Gizem Özbaygın
Tonguç Ünlüyurt
Duygu Taş
Mobility and Logistics

The mobility of people and goods is the backbone of economic growth and social welfare. On the other hand, most cities face problems associated with transport and traffic. Furthermore, road transport is one of the major sources of CO2 emissions and other pollutants. So, improving mobility and logistics services while reducing their adverse effects on the environment and human health is a challenging task. We focus on logistics and mobility planning including urban transport, first-mile, long-distance and last-mile distribution operations, electro-mobility, and sustainable logistics chains, and address multifaceted problems through systematic modeling approaches and effective solution methods using operations research tools and techniques.

Smart Mobility and Logistics Lab (SML) in Sabancı University aims at facilitating and stimulating collaboration among faculty, students, and practitioners to foster continuous learning and translating knowledge into innovative solutions for making transport and logistics more efficient, smarter, greener, and safer. The Lab conducts research projects particularly on urban mobility, freight and passenger transport, and sustainable transport planning with a special emphasis on route optimization and alternative fuel vehicles.

Esra Koca
Production Planning

We particularly study on the lot sizing problems arising in different production, procurement and transportation systems. In general, the goal is to determine the minimum cost production plan that satisfies the demand for the products over the finite planning horizon under different constraints such as capacity restrictions. Recently, environmental issues such as limiting the carbon emitted due to production and/or keeping inventory are also considered in these problems. We consider various versions (deterministic, stochastic, multi-item, green, etc.) of lot sizing problems and develop efficient solution methods to solve them.